The conservation of birds and their habitats is an urgent task in a time of a dramatic species decline. However, there are financial limits to what private persons or local organizations can achieve, especially in developing countries, but also in industrial nations, in the careful planning and efficient execution of conservation projects. What is not lacking are highly motivated, often young scientists who are willing to contribute to the maintenance of species diversity in their home countries, often under unfavorable conditions.

Therefore we are keen to find committed partners and companies who wish to participate in the realization of our aims. We carefully select our project partners, often reputable international research teams, and we can guarantee that your contribution will be employed only the way that you expressly intend. A useful side-effect is that your donation is 100% tax-deductible since the Brehm Fund is recognized as a non-profit organization. No matter whether you are interested in single projects or our general work, it will pay to invest in the future of our planet, whether in Germany, South America, or anywhere else.

We thank you for your willingness to work for the interests of birds.