Birds are important indicators of the ecological health of a habitat. Nevertheless, the biology of many of the currently ca. 9000 species worldwide is poorly known. Some are extremely local in distribution, for example inhabiting a single mountain or island. The continuing massive destruction of their natural habitats, especially in the tropics, contributes to their decrease or disappearance even before scientific counter-measures can be undertaken. Actually any anthropogenic interference in ecosystems can have drastic consequences for certain bird species (cf. our Peregrine Falcon project).

According to our motto “To conserve and protect the diversity of birdlife”, with your support the Brehm Fund aims to target aid to those projects that provide measures to counteract global species loss. This is of particular importance in countries which lack either the financial means or the possibility of implementing measures to ensure successful outcomes for both nature and bird conservation. With your membership you will make a personal contribution to

  • the protection of birdlife across national borders,
  • the study of the biology of poorly known bird species,
  • the evaluation of population status of potentially or highly endangered species,
  • the recognition of threat factors and the initiation of protective measures,
  • the realization of educational measures and informal work among the local population in project regions.

Anyone who is willing to give one or more donations within a single calendar year can become a supporting member. Membership applications can be made online or via fax. We guarantee that your donation will be exclusively used for our scientific projects.

As a supporting member you will receive the newsletter of the Brehm Fund Flying Free twice a year. Since the Brehm Fund is recognized as a non-profit organization, all donations are 100% tax-deductible. For donations not exceeding € 50,- your payment proof can be submitted directly to your tax office; for all other donations we will send you a donation confirmation after the end of the relevant calendar year.

We would like to welcome you soon into the circle of our supporting members!

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