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Nature study excursion report: Gran Canaria 2015

From 22 April to 4 May 2015, a total of nine birders and nature-loving supporters and friends of the Brehm Fund were on tour to study Atlantic terrestrial biodiversity at its best. The target of the excursion was Gran Canaria, a sun-drenched island in the Canaries. In fantastic weather conditions and under the guidance of […]

New hummingbird species in Colombia: in danger of extinction

Ornithologists recently made a spectacular scientific finding in the Andes of south-west Colombia. Encouraged by the description of a new plant, in 2005 Colombian researchers leaded by the renowned hummingbird expert and photographer L. H. Mazariegos started to explore the avifauna of the so far unknown cloud forests of Serrania del Pinche, a mountain massif rising […]