About the Brehm Fund

General information

The Brehm Fund for International Bird Conservation e.V. was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization. It is named after the founder and former president of the fund, Wolf. W. Brehm. Initially the fund was associated with the Vogelpark Walsrode. Today the secretary’s office is in the Alexander Koenig Research Institute and Museum of Zoology, Bonn, Germany.

Structure and organization

Decision-making in the Brehm Fund is, according to its statute, carried out by a general meeting consisting of seven honorary members. The executive board consists of three persons, elected by the members’ meeting. The executive board carries out the decisions and resolutions made at the members’ meeting, oversees the administrative and financial tasks, and represents the fund in public.


The statutory task of the Brehm Fund is “the promotion of scientific research aimed at an increasing protection of wildlife, particularly the avifauna, based on international cooperation”. This goal is achieved by financial and logistic support of national and international projects for the protection of birds and their natural habitats, based on cooperation with our project partners. All projects are realized on the basis of financial donations provided by our supporting members.

Our emblem

The emblematic bird of the Brehm Fund is the Japanese Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon). Adult birds are marked by their characteristic, crest-like prolonged head and hindneck feathers. Once locally distributed from south-eastern Siberia to Japan (Hondo). nowadays this ciconiid is close to extinction in nature; only some 130 individuals have survived in a nature reserve in China. The Japanese Crested Ibis represents the numerous threatened tropical bird species which have benefited from the protection measures initiated by the fund since its creation.