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Our newsletter "Flying Free" is the official medium of information of the Brehm Fund for its friends and donors.


Flying Free...

  • ...informs you twice a year about our current projects;
  • ...offers interesting news about all fields of ornithology and bird conservation;
  • ...introduces you regularly to a bird group or region of particular ornithological interest;
  • ...has appeared since 2002 as a new, full-color version in DIN-A4 format;
  • sent free of charge to each supporting member.


You may request a complimentary copy from our secretary's office.


Contents of recent issues (New Series since 2002, text in German)

Vol. 20, no. 1-2/2002:

  • New Brehm Fund project "Harpyie"
  • Tanagers - jewels in the tropical forest
  • Bird conservation on Madagascar
  • Brehm Fund supports method for rapid assessment of tropical bird communities
  • New bird species discovered in Africa


Vol. 21, no. 1/2003:

  • Bird monitoring in Mongolia
  • Searching for larks in Morocco
  • Tighter protection criteria for conservation of rare parrot species
  • Publications on the avifauna of Ecuador


Vol. 21, no. 2/2003:

  • Bird conservation with continuity: Peregrine Falcon program
  • Birds and volcanoes - the fascination of Chile
  • VIIth Neotropical Ornithological Congress


Vol. 22, no. 1/2004:


Vol. 22, no. 2/2004:

  • The Brazil project of the Brehm Fund
  • Parrots - beloved and endangered
  • The Peregrine Falcon 2004 - a good year for tree- breeders
  • Dissertation prize for conservation of migrating animals
  • Rare hummingbird species rediscovered



Vol. 23, no. 1/2005:


Vol. 23, no. 2/2005:


Jg. 24, no. 1/2006:



Monitoring of avian biodiversity in the Central Mata Atlantica of Brazil

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